Qranio is an online platform where people can check their knowledge and get prizes. By signing up, users can choose a category and answer questions. For each correct answer they will receive a specific amount of iQ$ (virtual currency).

When 2015   For Who Qranio.com
What I did
  • Art direction and design of the iOS app.
  • Designed and programmed the Windows app.
  • Designed elements of the Android app.
My Challenges

Update the layout but keep the existing identity, redesigned all icons and images. Work in the design and implematation of the windows app.


Working on a product's identity is a never-ending challenge, it always has something that can be improve or just might be different. But we managed to keep the deadlines for new versions and features during the year.

Pedra Sul

Interactive app for estimating the amount of cement for constructions.

When 2014   For Who Pedra Sul
What I did
  • Designed of the iOS and Android apps.
My Challenges

Create an interface with a visual and usability similar to the old one,(a paper disk card) that customers are used to.


A clear and simple interface.